Interesting facts about Georgia

oday we have some interesting facts about Georgia.Georgian language is quite unique. Due to its ancient origin, it is unlikely to resemble other languages ​​spoken in this region. Listening to the conversation of Georgians may be really surprising! The Georgian alphabet is called anbani and consists of 33 characters.In Georgia, Georgia is not Georgia, but Sakartwelo (Kartel country) – that’s how Georgians call their homeland.Georgians are very hospitable people. There is a saying that a guest is a gift from God. Georgians often invite the tourists to their homes where they can enjoy their homemade specialties and drinks.The most outstanding ruler of Georgia – Queen Tamar, the woman who ruled the country in the years 1184-1213, is considered the greatest ruler of Georgia.The first steamer that managed to cross the Atlantic sailed from the Georgian port.“Tam” is a fairly popular female name in Georgia.Czacz is a Georgian national drink. It is made from grape marc and is often compared to the Italian grappa. The drink itself reaches up to 60% strength.The lowest temperature in Georgia was recorded in Mt Kazbegi Met.Stat., Where the mercury bar indicated -42 degrees. The highest was recorded in Zugdidi, when the mercury bar showed 42.4 degrees.On Georgian roads, there is a right-hand traffic. However, due to very loose regulations and low prices of cars from Japan, you can see many cars with the steering wheel on the right.We hope you liked today’s curiosities.If you want to know more about the wonderful Georgia and our trip, follow our FB, visit our website and find the Georgian Motofiesta!