If you have ever wondered what could be a result of a chance meeting between a Yamaha motorcycle dealer and a holiday houses rental administrator in Spain, the answer is: a company run with a great passion and commitment.

When we first came up with the idea of transporting the motorbikes to Spain and organizing the trips there, it sounded like a total madness. We have been involved in the motorcycle business since 1995, but entering the tourism industry was a huge challenge for us. However, it seemed like a feasible, but risky adventure.

We just couldn’t let go and we hosted the first Motofiesta participants at a house in a small picturesque seaside resort, Moraira, in 2015. We have been organizing the best motorcycle holidays guided by our slogan “the highest quality at a reasonable price”. We carried out the trips from soup to nuts, providing our guests with the comfort and convenience of traveling without any worries. You get on the plane thinking about your wonderful holiday, and we provide you with accommodation, food, transfers, the departure plan, and perfect technical condition of the motorcycles from our fleet. We dare to say that the quality we provide and it’s ratio with price makes our offer the most attractive on the market. After all, we rely on the experience and knowledge of the places we visit – believe it or not, we know every stone within a 250 km radius of the base in Calpe.

Over time, we started to gain more and more guests willing to rest on the Iberian Peninsula, so, just like a growing family, we had to find a new, larger place for us. Soon, we moved from renting houses to locating our base in a hotel, the owners of which we cooperate until today. Along with gaining the experience, we expanded our offer, and the introduction of the new forms of trips was just a matter of time in our case. In addition to the motorcycle holidays, which are the foundation of our company’s activity, you can also choose the trips around southern Spain, the off-road form, the combined trips – Spain + Portugal, or our trips to other countries, such as Colombia or Iceland. You do not have to worry about any small things that can spoil your vacation – we offer many flexible forms of departure and modify the original assumptions, based on your suggestions and any external factors. For the groups of more than 7 motorcyclists, we also organize individualized trips outside the offer.

In the 2021/2022 season, we operate 19 motorcycles, 11 of which are for the road use in Spain. Each of them is no more than 8 months old, so the participants ride new motorcycles with the low mileage. We bought another 8 in the 2020 season for the increasingly popular off-road use.

Our trips are organized by the motorcyclists for the motorcyclists – absolutely no transits and no fast motorway riding. We plan each kilometer of the trip to provide our guests with as much impressions, fun and joy as possible. It allows you to interact with the most attractive corners of a chosen region.
We believe that our company will still be developing dynamically; we would like to be able to offer anyone a trip of their dreams, so everyone will have a chance to join the Motofiesta family in the future.

We are such a unique company, because:

• All of our motorbikes are 8 months old or less, so you have the opportunity to ride our virtually new machines with a little mileage.
• We have been working in the tourism industry since 2015, but we have been involved in the motorcycle business since 1995.
• Our fleet consists of a 19 motorcycles this season, both road and off-road ones.
• The Spanish Motofiesta trip is very flexible – we are not afraid of a change of weather or any other external factors. If you have any suggestions we will take them into account and modify the basic assumptions. After all, we organize these trips for you!
• For the groups of more than 7 motorcyclists, we also organize individualized trips outside the offer.
• Our team consists of motorcyclists, so we know what to expect in every situation. You will not find any motorway rides or transits in the departure plan – we make every effort to ensure that the journey is fun, full of impressions and picturesque corners of the region you choose from our offer.

Motofiesta team

Damian Dymowski

One of the co-founders of Motofiesta, responsible for organisation and logistic. He has been a motorcyclist for 23 years. Curious about the world, it’s hard for him to sit on the spot. According to him, more important than the destination is the road itself. He loves motorcycle racing and offroad, where he also works as an instructor.

Krzysztof Dymowski

Originator and co-founder of Motofiesta. A man with by far the largest experience in business. For 20 years associated with the Yamaha brand, currently the longest existing dealer of this brand in Poland. Our mentor and father of success!

Andrzej Krymow

Motofiesta representative in Colombia. Urbanist by education, passionate traveler and motorcyclist. In January 2014, he went alone to Australia, from where he made a further conquest of the world after six months. Since then he has been in constant motion, changing the continents every now and then. He gained experience in guiding motorcycle trips, among others in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan and Marocco. He has found his home in Colombia, where he has spent european winters since 2016. When not riding a motorcycle, you can meet him sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, where during the european summer he leads sailing or diving escapades.

Andrzej Pietrzak

Andrzej is our representative on the Scandinavian market. Traveler, writer, volunteer. Correct, avowed dreamer. World citizen. In his travels, he learned perseverance in action to gain what is beyond the horizon.

Michał Rogaski

A mechanic who has been working on Yamaha motorcycles since 2000. He cares about the perfect technical condition of our motorcycles. He loves to travel, admire nature and well thought out engineering solutions. He also takes beautiful photos!