Valencia Aquarium

If you dream of exploring the underwater world, you don’t have to go on a scuba diving trip around the globe.

Join our trip to Costa Blanca!

The Valencia Aquarium (L’Oceanogràfic) is the largest aquarium in Europe.

Millions of liters of water there are inhabited by thousands of marine animals from all over the world.This enchanting attraction is a part of Ciudad de las Artes y las Cwienas located in the former bed of the Turia River.The meaning of the name “Ciudad de las Artes y las Cwienas” is “The City of Arts and Sciences”.

Several separate zones and buildings which recreate all of the most important world’s ecosystems can be found in this oceanarium.

Some of the most interesting are:

The Mediterranean Sea,

The Red Sea,


The Arctic.Obviously, each one of the presented ecosystems is a huge wealth of plants and animals.

Speaking of animals, we have a unique opportunity to see numerous species of fish, dolphins, turtles, sea lions, jellyfish, crocodiles, penguins, flamingos, exotic birds … and many, many more!

The inhabitants of the Atlantic Ocean awaits us in the largest reservoir with a capacity of 7 million liters of water.

What attracts the attention of the visitors are the various species of sharks swimming here and there.

You have a chance to look at them closely, because an underwater glass tunnel passes through their part of the aquarium. We highly recommend to join us and visit this place with Motofiesta!

Have a great weekend!