Spanish traditions of January the 6th

Did you know that Spanish children, according to tradition, do not receivepresents during Christmas, but on January 6?This is not the only unique tradition on this day.The celebration of the Epiphany starts in the evening on January 5.Parades staging the passage of the Three Wise Men are held in all major cities.The entire celebration is accompanied by loud music.During the parades candies are scattered!January 6 is also known for its traditional yeast dough called Roscón de Reyes.It has the shape of a ring and is decorated with candied fruits that resemble the jewels on the crowns of the Magi.The person who finds the beans in the dough will have to pay for them.While eating, you can also find inside a king figure and become the ruler of the house.Do you know any other Spanish traditions related to this holiday?Let us know in the comments.Best Regards!