Its nature, wildness and unpredictable weather is what we love Iceland for.

While staying there, we can feel the spirit of Nordic beliefs and see how much the cultural roots mean to the inhabitants.
All of that makes us feel at home and that’s why we would like to share this experience with you!

But what is it to experience Iceland without getting to know its greatest values?

We would like to present you the most unique places on our route!

Reykjavik- the northernmost capital of Europe, an agglomeration where almost 2/3 of Iceland’s population lives in with many interesting, hidden places.
Hot springs– a very popular attraction in Iceland, there are at least a dozen of them along our way. Regardless of the weather, swimming in the hot springs is always a very pleasant experience.
Ytri Tunga– the best place to watch seals lying in the sun from a very close distance.
Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall- one of the most photogenic waterfalls with the Kirkjufell mountain in its background,
Dynjandi (Fjallfoss)- the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland in our opinion;
and these are only two examples of the many waterfalls on our way.
Látrabjarg– 14 km long cliff, up to 440 meters high, is the largest bird’s breeding ground in Europe and the westernmost point of Europe.
Pure, beautiful Iceland will definitely make you fall in love!

Traveling with Motofiesta is a real magic that you just have to experience!