Planning Your Expedition with MOTOFIESTA

Motorcycle trips are certainly amazing and liberating. While riding, you can see and experience much more than when traveling by any other mean of transport.
If you dream about visiting extraordinary places, seeing fascinating views and experiencing many special moments, check out our tips for planning your future motorcycle trips below.

Step one – setting the route and selecting the destination of your trip

Firstly, think about the distance you would like to cover – the maps available on the Internet will surely make it easier for you. If you set the destination of your trip, zoom the map to find the most interesting places in the neighbourhood of the selected route.
Take into account how much time you can devote to the entire trip. After selecting and marking the places you want to visit on the map, you will receive the second version of the route.
After you plan your route, check its critical points, such as swing bridges, drawbridges, ferries, one-way tunnels, etc. Finding them will help you determine the time you need to be there to make it to the ferry, plan the cost of the passage, know the time of the opening of the bridges, etc. An important thing is to plan and decide how many kilometres a day you will be able to cover in advance!
With your selected destination and the route prepared this way, you can go to the next step. Remember that you can always change the route set by you or find out from the locals about the places that you could not find when using the map.

Step two – your budget

The basic travel expenses include:

  • accommodation,
  • food,
  • fuel,
  • the equipment,
  • preparation of a motorcycle and your equipment,
  • insurance,
  • the tolls (referred to in our first step),
  • vaccination and visas, if they are required by the country you will be passing through.

In addition to the basic expenses of your travel, add an additional part of the cost (10% – 20% of the budget) in order to cover the random events that can occur and can be beyond your control – it is worth to be prepared for them.
When it comes to the accommodation, remember to book all the hotels and campsites in advance! Find out about the availability of the places on the date you are interested in.
You have to consider whether you will prepare your own food (if so, you will have to bring your own cooking equipment) or whether you will choose local bars and restaurants.
With the first option, you can save some money, but you will certainly lose a lot of time that you could spend more interestingly during your trip. Buy the breakfast when you choose to spend a night in a hotel, but if you decide to book a campsite, cook the dishes yourself – it will definitely help you save the money.

Step three – Preparing the equipment and supplies

Decide on what things you would like to save on during the trip. It all depends on your preferences – for example, whether you want to buy a cheaper tent or a more expensive tent made of better material with additional functions (e.g. quick folding / unfolding).
The tools are the basis that you need to carefully rethink before preparing your motorcycle’s equipment.

  • Make sure you have all the tools on the motorcycle that you would like to take on a trip. (Our rental shop will provide you with everything you need!) 🙂
  • Take the grey tape and a few zip ties with you, which can be useful in the unexpected and situations that can happen during the trip.
  • Motorcycle clothing is the next thing you need to prepare. You definitely shouldn’t be saving on it! You can compare prices in many different motorcycle stores, but you should always reach for things from the reputable companies!
  • When it comes to the ordinary clothes, it is best to take the amount that will suffice you for the entire trip. Don’t take unnecessary things that will be an extra burden to take up space with you. Just the basics!
  • The electronic equipment that you should equip yourself with before setting off on a motorcycle trip is definitely a navigation and an “action camera”. Update your navigation prior to your trip and load the route you have chosen. Take the memory card with you and all the chargers.
  • The camping equipment mentioned in the beginning is important when planning a trip. We definitely recommend to take a simple and light tent and a warm sleeping bag with you. These are the things you shouldn’t be saving on either.

We believe that you can safely take the trip planned according to the above guidelines. Remember, however, that each preparation should be individual for the both the rider and the passenger of the trip and the place through which and where you are going.