Portuguese Offroad

A popular Portuguese saying has it that Porto works, Braga prays, Coimbra studies and Lisbona plays. Portugal, a relatively small country, with its population of around 10 million, offers plenty of attractions and contrasts to discover. Every fan of diverse wildlife, nature, a lot of sun, winding roads, charming streets where people don’t go often, and the merging of the modern and historical world will surely be delighted to visit Portugal. Its calm, friendly inhabitants, amazing landscapes and long, full of interesting events history attract millions of hungry for beauty and unforgettable experiences visitors every year. It is also right here, in the Douro Valley, where the oldest wine region in the world is located.

The route of our offroad trip will lead us through the northern part of Portugal, within a radius of 200 kilometres from Porto. The inhabitants of Porto, called the Tripeiros, put up unparalleled resistance to the enemy troops in the 1920s and the second largest city of Portugal had become known ever since as the “Ancient, Very Noble, Always Loyal Undefeated City”. The terrain and architectural diversity of this region of Portugal is visible here at every step and during every kilometer of the traveled routes. Numerous mountains, hills and the maze of roads surrounded by both the modern and medieval buildings built into the cliffs create ideal conditions for every motorcyclist who’d like to experience the unique Portuguese climate.

The main attractions

The main attractions of an off-road trip are simply the fact of being away from the paved roads and having a chance of a close contact with nature and the ever-changing landscape. The off-road riding gives you a big thrill and can be described as a certain challenge, impossible to experience on the asphalt roads. Each overcome obstacle on the road fills a rider with a great satisfaction. Moreover, the expedition is full of beautiful views, emotions and adventure which will make each participant remember it for a long time.

trip formula

Our trip is a round trip, which means that we sleep in a different place every day. The route, about 950 kilometres long, is planned in such a way that our participants will have a unique chance to enjoy as many wonderful Portuguese landscapes as possible. During this trip, we focus on the joy of combination of using fantastic roads, the admiration of nature and breathing mountain air rather than many hours of visiting monuments and architectural gems.

The group will be led by an experienced guide who has great contact with the participants and extraordinary knowledge about the region.

We provide accommodation in good-quality three-star hotels that will allow us to regenerate and introduce the participants to the climate of the region. Whenever possible, we choose cosy places, offering amenities for the motorcyclists.

Tour program

day 1.


The first day is typically an organizational and introductory day: transfer from the airport to the hotel and getting familiar with the guide and the motorcycles.


day 2.

Porto – Marco de Canaveses
Our first route will lead us through forested hills towards the famous Douro River. Keeping to its right bank, we ride up the typical for this area numerous green hills along winding roads.

Route length: about 150 km

day 3.

Marco de Canaveses – Marco de Canaveses

The second day will be special as our route is a loop. We leave our luggage in the rooms and go explore the surrounding areas. Riding along the picturesque Tamega River, we will have a chance to experience a lot of elevations due to the fact that its lowest point lies at an altitude of 60 metres above sea level. We will reach several nearby peaks. Senhora da Guia, the highest one, is 971 meters high. There is a chapel and a phenomenal viewpoint at its top.

Route length: about 150 km

day 4.

Marco de Canaveses – Peso de Regua

We will leave Marco and ride south, crossing the Douro River and passing numerous fields and forests. About halfway, we will turn northeast towards Vila Real and this is where the mountainous part of the road begins. Climbing 1413 metres above sea level, we will break the altitude record to date.

Route length: about 170 km

day 5.

Peso de Regua – Chaves

The fifth day of our adventure will lead us further north. We will pass the beautifully situated Vila Real that towers over the canyon of the Corgo River and Cabril, its right tributary. Further on, the route will lead us again through the beautiful green hills. After many turns, we will reach the finish line of the section in Chaves.

Route length: about 150 km

day 6.

Chaves – Mondim de Basto

On our route, Chaves is the point lying the farthest from the start. On this day, we will begin our return to the base. At first, we will move on a fairly flat section along the Tamega River, which, however, will become more and more hilly over time. We will cross a narrow bridge that can only be used by the two-wheelers and we can say that the flat sections will almost be forgotten, as the road will go up and down. Although the height above sea level will not be huge, we will experience the 300-meter difference in height over a distance of 2 km.

Route length: about 170 km

day 7.

Mondim de Basto – Porto

The last day of riding will be a bit lighter and shorter. The number of descents and driveways will decrease, and the length of asphalt sections increase at the same time. However, the route will still be very nice, green and full of beautiful views. We will be back at the hotel a little earlier than usual, which will allow us to keep our strength for the last dinner before our departure.

Route lenght: about 130 km

day 8.


Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

dates and PRICEs

The dates:

14th – 21st May, 2022


950 euro

The price includes: airport transfer for suggested flight, accomodation with breakfast, renting a motorcycle with the luggage bags, a guide on a motorcycle, planned route, travel insurance.

The price does not include: plane tickets, meals except for breakfasts, motorcycle fuel, your own expenses

fun facts

● In the Portuguese capital, there is the Vasco da Gama Bridge, a 17 km long bridge over the Tagus River, the second longest bridge in Europe.

● The largest omelette in the world was made in Portugal. It weighed as much as 6 tons!

● Portugal is one of the world leaders in renewable energy – almost 70% of the country’s energy needs come from solar, wind and hydropower.

● Since 1139, Portugal has kept the same defined borders, making it the oldest country in Europe.

● The city of Porto organized the world’s biggest Santa Claus Parade with a number of 14,963 participants.

● In 2011, Fado, originated from poor port disctrics, Portuguese national music characterized by sad lyrics and melodies, was entered onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

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