Georgia – the land of hospitality

Georgia is a country located on the western edge of the Greater Caucasus. It is one of the three Caucasian republics of the former USSR between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In the north, the great Caucasus forms a wall of mountains. Its highest peak is the extinct Elbrus volcano (5642 m a.s.l.), which is considered as the highest peak in Europe by the mountaineers climbing the Crown of Earth. In the past, in there were also the Greek colonies in this region. The mythical golden fleece is a reference to the technique of obtaining ore in the land of Svaneti (in the northern part of Georgia) by the local highlanders. Georgia is basically a rich history, breathtaking monuments and amazing, wild, mountain landscapes. The country is also characterized by the extraordinary hospitality of its inhabitants, whose national ideology is the saying ” When a guest is in the house, the God Himself is in the house.” Georgians are more than happy to treat visitors with their excellent cuisine and delicious, usually homemade, Georgian wine.

Kutaisi, the capital of the central region in Georgia with a big international airport, is the third largest city in the country. The stay in Kutaisi is especially interesting for those who appreciate being close to the local culture and visiting the architectural pearls of the country. Tourists who appreciate good wine will certainly be interested in the fact that it is in this region that quewri, the clay vessels in which delicious Georgian liquors are stored, are being produced.
Batumi is the most popular resort in Georgia. This dynamically developing city, located quite close to the Turkish border, is distinguished by its splendor and a multitude of modern buildings, which create an amazing climate that makes the city significantly different from the rest of the country.
The city of Borjomi is known around the world for being the source of the healing mineral water of the same name – the water is sold in pharmacies as a medicine in many places around the world. In addition, the complex of rock towns of Vardzia, as well as the fully restored Rabat fortress in Akhaltsikhe, are the world-famous monuments.

Main attractions

Batumi – one of the oldest cities in Georgia, now the most popular seaside resort in the country.

Ushguli village – a Georgian village in Upper Svaneti, has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. It is also the highest situated permanent settlement in Europe. The altitude there ranges from 2,100 to 2,200 metres above sea level.

Zekari Pass – located 2226 metres above sea level. It is situated on the border of the regions of Imereti and Samcche-Javakheti. The views from there are just amazing.

Vardzia – a rock city-monastery situated on the slope of Mount Eruszeli in southern Georgia, near the city of Aspindza. Vardzia was built during the reign of George III in 1185, and later completed under the rule of his daughter, Queen Tamara.

Tabatskuri Lake – the high lake located 1991 meters above sea level. The water in the lake is cold all year round.


The trip has a traveling character. We stay in a different hotel on the route every night. Our adventure starts in Kutaisi – the third largest city in Georgia. During the trip we use Suzuki DR650 motorcycles and we carry our luggage. We will not be accompanied by a service/luggage car. We would like to focus mostly on the nature and landscapes and that is why the main attractions are beautiful mountain routes and the wild nature. The perfect complement is an extremely aromatic and diverse Georgian cuisine.

Tour program

Day 1

We come to Kutaisi, get the SIM cards for the duration of our stay, withdraw the money from the ATMs and go to the hotel where we have some time to rest, refresh ourselves after the journey, see the motorcycles and repack our luggage. After that, we go to the main nearby attraction – Prometheus Cave and those who would like to can visit the Okatse canyon or Martwili. In the evening we have a dinner in the city. It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the excellent Georgian cuisine and the hospitality of the hosts.

Day 2

We Hit The Road After Breakfast, Going Along The Asphalt Route Full Of Beautiful Views. Our Goal On The Second Day Is The Small Village Of Mestia (About 3,500 Inhabitants) Located In The Svaneti Region. Due To Its Cultural Values And Rich Flora, The Region Has Been Inscribed On The UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Route Length: About 260 Km

Day 3

We spend the third day mainly on gravel roads. First, we go to the four-thousand metre mountain, Tetnuldi ski lift, which is also called the White Mountain of Svaneti. The two glaciers which are stretching from its summit, Tsaneri and Kasebi, can be seen from Mestia. Then we move to the next position on the UNESCO list – the village of Ushguli – we have the chance to see the beautiful, snowy peaks of the Great Caucasus from there. The landscape is completed by almost 40 defensive towers from the 12th century. Next we go the located about 500 m a.s.l. town of Tsaneri. The third day of our Georgian motorcycle trip ends with visiting Kutaisi again.

Route length: 270 km

Day 4

After the breakfast, we go to the located in the south town of Sairme. It is famous for its healing thermal and mineral water health resort. Then we climb the Zekari Pass – it lies on the border of two regions, Imeretia and Samcche-Javakheti. Next, along the road from the Little Caucasus, we go to the smaller spa, Abastumani, a town with an astronomical observatory and the hot springs. The day ends in Akhaltsikhe, the capital of the Samcche-Javakheti region, which is also a rich in thermal springs spa town. We visit the Rabati castle which history begins in the 9th century there. In the 12th-13th century this place became the residence of the Jakels, who ruled this part of Georgia for centuries.

Route length: 150 km

Day 5

The fifth day starts with a trip to Vardzia. It is a 12th rock city-monastery located on the slope of the Mount Erusheli in the southern Georgia. After visiting it, we go to the city of Achalkalaki for lunch. Achalkalaki, a city inhabited in 90% by Armenians, is located about 30 km from the Turkish border. Later we go around the volcanic lake Tabatskuri located at an altitude of 1991 m – it is unique due to the fact that there are no rivers flowing into it. The reservoir is of volcanic origin, so a all of the water inflow and outflow take place underground. Due to the fact that it is high in the mountains, the water in it is cold in the winter as well as in the summer. Next, we go down the mountain pass to the located nearby Bakuriani volcano. We end our trip in Borjomi – a town combining the function of a spa and a starting point for trips to the Little Caucasus for some rest and relax.

Route length: 210 km

Day 6

From Borjomi, we go by the scenic route along the Kura River towards Akhaltsikhe. Then we pass at 2025 m above sea level Goderdzi pass. There are housing estates of wooden houses Iailebi to see. In the town of Khulo, we have a ride on a hanging cable car called “the sky tram.” We spend the night in Batumi.

Route length: 220 km

Day 7

Batumi is a resort located by the Black Sea – it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to swim. After a short sunbathing we head to the Mtirala National Park, where we go for a 2-hour walk along a path among the wild nature. We especially recommend the thrill when crossing the rope bridges! Next, we get back on our motorbikes and go to Kutaisi for the last time.

Route length: 170 km

Day 8

We check out after the breakfast, say goodbye to the motorcycles and go to the airport in Kutaisi, from where we have a return fligh.


Dates for summer 2021 will be announced soon.

Price: 1000 € for a rider

The price includes: renting a motorcycle, care of the guide conducting the expedition, accommodation in the good hotels / guesthouses in double rooms with breakfast, airport transfers, a rollbag or a waterproof bag to carry luggage on a motorcycle, travel insurance.

The price does not include: plane tickets, motorcycle fuel, motorcycle damage deposit, entrance tickets to the visited attractions, dining (except for the hotel breakfast), any personal expenses.

fun facts

● The highest point in Georgia rises to 5,193 meters above sea level. It is located on the Georgian-Russian border about 90 km from Kutaisi.

● The country’s monetary unit is lari. Interestingly, the banknotes are produced by the Polish Security Printing Works.

● Georgian language is quite unique. Due to its ancient origin, it is unlikely to resemble other languages ​​spoken in this region. Listening to the conversation of Georgians may be really surprising! The Georgian alphabet is called anbani and consists of 33 characters.

● In Georgia, Georgia is not Georgia, but Sakartwelo (Kartel country) – that’s how Georgians call their homeland.

● Georgians are very hospitable people. There is a saying that a guest is a gift from God. Georgians often invite the tourists to their homes where they can enjoy their homemade specialties and drinks.

● The most outstanding ruler of Georgia – Queen Tamar, the woman who ruled the country in the years 1184-1213, is considered the greatest ruler of Georgia.

● The first steamer that managed to cross the Atlantic sailed from the Georgian port.

● “Tam” is a fairly popular female name in Georgia.

● Czacz is a Georgian national drink. It is made from grape marc and is often compared to the Italian grappa. The drink itself reaches up to 60% strength.

● The lowest temperature in Georgia was recorded in Mt Kazbegi Met.Stat., Where the mercury bar indicated -42 degrees. The highest was recorded in Zugdidi, when the mercury bar showed 42.4 degrees.

● On Georgian roads, there is a right-hand traffic. However, due to very loose regulations and low prices of cars from Japan, you can see many cars with the steering wheel on the right.

The language in Georgia
– in larger cities you can easily communicate in English and Russian. Before arriving, it is good to learn some basic Georgian words:
● gamardżobat / gamardżoba * – good morning (courtesy / loose version)
● madloba – thank you
● didi madloba – thank you very much
● gaumarajos! – bless you!