Georgian Motofiesta

2020 is slowly coming to an end.

To enter the next year in an optimistic way, we have planned a new direction among our expeditions.
In 2021, we would like to take you to the amazing Georgia!
If it comes to riding, the tour is focusing on the gravel roads!
We are already looking forward to this trip!

In our previous post, we mentioned the unique trip destination that we have planned for you for the next 2021 season – it’s the Georgian Motofiesta.

Why did we choose Georgia?

Georgia is a country rich in its history, breathtaking monuments and amazing, wild, mountain landscapes!

We are also captivated by the extraordinary hospitality of its inhabitants – the Georgians stick to the idea that a guest is always as welcome as God himself.

We would also like to take you to places that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Check out the trip formula presented below:
The trip has a traveling character.
We stay in a different hotel on the route every night.
Our adventure starts in Kutaisi – the third largest city in Georgia.
During the trip, we ride the dual sport motorbikes on which we carry our luggage.
We are not accompanied by a service/luggage car.
The main attraction are the wonderful mountain routes and wild nature!
The perfect complement to our adventure is extremely aromatic and very diverse Georgian cuisine.

Would you like to check out the entire offer?

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