Fire observatory and relay station Vall de Gallinera

Today we present another interesting place on the trip route of the Spanish Motofiesta.

Fire observatory and relay station Vall de Gallinera.When traveling around Spain, we can come across certain places on the mountain that can be mistaken for viewpoints.Fire stations, because we are talking about them, must be located in such a way that the observation area is as wide and visible as possible.The workers of these places are employed by the fire department and they job is to allarm appropriate servieces when the dangers came!The points are also in the Valenciana district.The road from the village of Val de Ebo leads us through charming olive groves and sheep-run.It’s hard to believe that there is a bustling coast 20 km away. As we approach the observatory, the road becomes more difficult with turns, forcing us to pay close attention and focus on the road to safely reach our destination. You can be easy tempt by beautiful views.Skillfull driver that coup watch the road and admire enviroment will be reward by stunning view of area – from the towns situated at the foot of the mountains, through valleys cut by roads, to the Sierra Aitana and Sierra de Bernia mountain ranges. Also, with good visibility, we can see the Balearic archipelago and Ibiza.The charming landscape is amplified by the nearby rosemary, which spreads its fragrance all over the observatory.Occasionally, instead of rosemary, we can smell sheep grazing next to it.Regardless of the fragrance, the place is magical – visit it with us!