El Rocio

One of the extraordinary locations on the map of our trip to the southern Spain is the town of El Rocio.

Can you believe it is just like taken out of the 20th century?

The people of El Rocio, who prefer to stick to the tradition, have deliberately given up the asphalt roads and modern architecture in their town. It’s common to see people getting to their workplace by riding a horse and the ones dressed in the old-fashioned clothes talking on the phone. Although they have not given up on the achievements of technology, while being there we feel as if we have gone back in time a 100 years!

The town is also famous for being the destination of the yearly pilgrimage called Romeria de El Rocio during which people from all over Spain go to the local chapel where they admire the statue of Our Lady of El Rocio.
It is the largest pilgrimage in Andalusia – up to 2 million people come to the town!
The pilgrimage is known best for its unique atmosphere – the crowd goes to the chapel on foot, on horseback or in the carriages, and in the evenings the camps resound with music and singing.
The march is organized about 50 days after the Holy Week. The Sunday masses help the participants to feel the religious nature of the holiday, but it is the Sunday night that is the most interesting.
The event called Salto de la reja takes place on Sunday night. It is a jump over the fence, during which the figure of the Mother of God is taken out of the hermitage and carried on the shoulders of the participants until dawn

Although this magical place can be compared to Fatima, its character is less commercial, which makes it authentic and worth seeing.

The whole place makes a huge impression on us!

It is impossible to fully describe the magic of this place with words, so we invite you to a join our Spanish Motofiesta trip.