Castillo de Santa Bárbara

We present another magical place on our Spanish Motofiesta tour.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara

– a historic fortification situated on a high Mount Benacantil above the Alicante old town.

Together with the Tryp Gran Sol skyscraper, it dominates the city’s skyline from the Mediterranean Sea.

The castle is located 166 m above the sea level on the large hill covered with rocks.

The origins of the castle probably date to the 9th century, and its name may derive from the Arabic word Banu-lQatil, meaning “pinna” (a shape of the mountain).

On December 4, 1248, it was captured by Castilian forces under the command of the future King Alfonso X the Wise.

From the 18th century the military role of the castle has declined and it began to be used as a prison.

In 1963, the abandoned ruins were converted into tourist purposes and the castle was opened to the public.Believe us, it appears even more impressive when you visit it!

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