Historical Vehicle Museum in Callosa d’en Sarria

We present another non-obvious tourist destination in Spain that you won’t find in any guidebook!

Here is a short history of the Historical Vehicle Museum in Callosa d’en Sarria.
Mr. Sequi, the owner of the museum, has been interested in motoring from an early age.
Knowing that his passion requires a lot of money, he decided to start a business. He opened a restaurant and when it started to become profitable, Mr. Sequi begun to buy the vehicles from all over the Spain.
After 25 years of working on restoring the motorcycles, he finally founded a museum! “It was 2003 – during that time the museum’s collection has grown by far more than two hundred vehicles”
(What is interesting, most of them are still functional).
In the museum you can have a look at the motorbikes and cars from Spain, Italy, France, America, Germany and many other, more exotic countries.

It is worth to see and touch the history – the solutions from the beginning of the century may shock many of the motoring experts.
If you will be lucky enough to meet the owner, he may invite you to the second part of the museum that not everyone knows about.
There is a whole one floor of vehicles prepared for the exhibition there.
We managed to get there once – the collection is almost as big as the one on the display and surely no less amazing.
Mr. Sequi does everything out of his pure passion – we value such people the most and we know that he will be long remembered for that.
We recommend you to visit this unique place built with love over the years.